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5 reasons why you should book your boudoir session

Being photographed in your undies sounds like a very intimidating thing to do. It absolutely is. But isn’t it freeing when you are home alone or with your partner just jammin’ in your undies? Because it is a very intimate thing. But intimacy is not only about being in your undies. And neither is being photographed in them. Boudoir photography is mostly known for its lingerie, sultry, sexy images. But it is so much more than those three top descriptors.

Boudoir is known as the French word for a woman’s bedroom or private room. In photography, we use it to describe an intimate genre in portraits. For many women, this means a sexy set of gifts for her future husband, a gift to herself for reaching a fitness goal, a self esteem experience after a long dragged divorce, others, empowerment in womanhood. Let’s explore a few of the top reasons.

1. Empowerment- Let’s be real, we’ve all been there, we hit a really low point especially after a broken relationship. A year after my divorce, I was left feeling really low. For a long time, I wasn’t myself, had lost contact with me. It took a good year, and many awful decisions, before I realized that I had gained a lot of my confidence back, lost weight, was smiling again, was making less bad decisions. To mark such moment, I decided to book a pin up shoot. It was awesome. I saw myself, and everything I had returned to, myself. And of course, the new person I had become. I hold those images near and dear to me.

2. Gift for Partner- it’s the most common reason women will ask a photographer for boudoir photographs. Usually brides. And it’s actually beautiful. Marking an important moment of her life, and sharing that intimacy with their partner.

3. Bombshell- Ever wondered what it’s like to feel and look like a supermodel? This is your time, just say the word, and we are off to making you feel more amazing. Helping you find your inner bombshell.

4. It’s fun- yes ladies, being pampered, getting your hair and make up done, is fun and you know it J Add some cute outfits, or barely there ones, and an awesome photographer, me, to capture your beauty in all your glory.

5. Pictures of yourself- why not? As we grow older, we start hiding behind people every time there is a group picture. Hiding our beauty under insecurities. If you are a mom, one day your children will be looking for photos of you, one day when you have earned your silver hair and some miles on your skin, you can show off your beautiful images. My grandma used to show off the few pictures she had and dresses of when she had a “shapily body” as she used to say and gesture curves with her hands….with a huge smile. Be proud of your body, be proud who you are today. Exist in photos today.


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